Friday, August 23, 2013

Aug. 23/13

We look around us and we see pain, loss, destruction. Billows and tumults roll and violently slap our conscious and, far to often, our minds and bodies. As the world offers us false truths filled with an elixir of moral poison in exchange for our souls....... God offers Hope!
He offers us an exchange.
Your life for mine!!!
I will not promise you that your life will become effortless and smooth, but  when life curves and slopes dislodge what you once trusted or depended on, I can promise that GOD will comfort you!!!!
 When He went to that cross, He released the possibility of an intimacy that has no earthly comparison.  An intimacy given so that we can be comforted, healed and directed. Given so that we can see the value and power of a Savior God who is part of our lives, and will continually be until our graduation to mansions upward and glorious.
So please...... Do look at the world and see her for the deceptive mistress she is, and come experience the Love and Grace of God.

Aaron Oliveira, pastor
Chetwynd Community Church.
Join us for worship this Sunday at 10.45 and hear a message of hope and love.

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